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Skatebook started out under the name how2skate between 2003 and 2015.

In the spring of 2003, I got the idea to make a skateboarding website. I had only been skating for a few months, but I still wanted to share the little knowledge I had. After a few weeks of experimenting with webscripting code, the first how2skate site was ready for launch on October 13, 2003.

With only 5 trick tips in the worst possible English, I was amazed to see the amount of visitors grow day by day. We already had a free stuff section, which just might have been the reason.

how2skate archive

Exactly one month later, the site was already updated with more trick tips, a few guides and a message board. A new layout was created with 3 color schemes.

From now on, users could submit their own trick tips.

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In July 2004, the 3rd site version was released. This time, a members system was added, so people could create their own skateboard profile.

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The member system appeared to be a hit, and soon the 500 member milestone was reached in early 2005.

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The site kept growing, untill in the summer of 2006, disaster strook. Due to webhosting problems, the site was offline for over a month.

I spend this offline time to further improve the site, so when we went online again, a brand new how2skate site was available, better than ever before.

Thanks to improvements in the member system, we were able to reach the 10 000 member milestone, with thousands of daily visitors in 2007.

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The biggest technical update so far was made in 2009. Over 500 working hours resulted in a brand new forum and rewards system. Up to date, how2skate is still the only organisation that sponsors all skateboarders, regardless of skill.

how2skate archive

The tips & guides were improved in 2010, and presented in a less traditional layout. The site is now developed and hosted by Interactive Assembly.


This site would not be what it is without the help of our dedicated members. Thanks for giving feedback, posting videos, playing in games of skate, ...

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When skateboarding first began, it was called "Sidewalk surfing".