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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - crazy glitches

Did anyone of you already play the game? Could be a great game, even with some glitches now and then.

The Skateboard Song!

Freestyle skateboarding

Team - J3T BL4CK

Hey, if anyone is interested, me and my buddy James (Big Payne) are forming a Team for Skateboards, BIkers, Etc. We're trying to make a team that thinks of all Extreme sports as equals, but also having sections.
Currently we have 4 people on the team. We have a website, and a youtube channel too! (Bottom of website is the Facebook page)

We're always up for Putting new people on the Rep team. Keep in mind this team s new, so we don't have any 'Free Stuff' at this point, but someday!

Foam Pit Fun

I wanna try that! But I'm In Germany..

JOIN and get FREE skateboard stuff!

"If you can skate, you skate. Whatever." - Steve Olsen