Oldschool kickflip trick tip

The oldschool kickflip was invented in the early days of skateboarding, when the ollie didn't exist yet.

(Video by Dutch_Madman)

  1. 1

    Put your feet next to eachother in the middle of the board, then let the toes of your back foot lean over the side.

    A part of your back foot should stick underneath the board.

  2. 2

    Bend your knees a little and get ready to jump.

  3. 3

    Jump and drag the board up with the foot that's underneath it.

    This will make the board flip like a kickflip.

  4. 4

    Watch the griptape come up again and put your feet on to land.


  • Try not to push the board sideways too much. If it does, jump sideways as well.

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Cool and easy

25 June 2015 at 15:54

Cool and easy

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When skateboarding first began, it was called "Sidewalk surfing".