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Skateboard trick tips

When you feel comfortable enough riding and turning your skateboard, you're ready for your first tricks! The most important skateboard trick to start is the ollie, which you'll need for most other tricks later on.

Working on just one trick at a time can get annoying, so the backside shove-it and the manual are fun beginner tricks to switch it up a little.

Follow our trick tips and you'll soon nail even the most impressive tricks!

Beginners guide

This guide will cover everything you need to know to start skating, from buying your board to learning your first tricks.

Flatland tricks

To do flatland tricks, all you need is a flat skateable surface. After learning them flatland, you can make it a bit more interesting by doing them down stairs or on a ramp.

Flip tricks

This category lists all tricks where the skateboard makes a flip in any direction. Some of these are pretty advanced, a good flip trick to start with is the kickflip.

Slide tricks

Slides are tricks where the deck of your skateboard slides over a rail or ledge. The backside boardslide is a fun slide trick that's not extremely difficult.

Grind tricks

Grind tricks involve sliding one or both of your skateboard trucks over a rail or ledge. Don't forget to wax the rail first!

Lip / stall tricks

To do a lip or stall trick, you roll or jump on an obstacle or ramp and have your board in a specific position for a moment. Then roll back down the ramp or ollie down to complete the trick.

Manual / balance tricks

These balance tricks can be done flatland or on a ledge/box, and are ideal for combo's.

Freestyle / oldschool tricks

Freestyle tricks are mostly flatland tricks with a touch of creativity.

Ramp / grab tricks

Most of the tricks in this section are mostly done in a ramp, but some grabs can be done in a street environment as well.

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